To create a simple JSYD Patch:

  • Close any open JSYD files.
  • Choose NEW under the FILE menu.
    • Your window should look like this:


The JSYD window consists of a palette of OPERATORS arranged across the top and an OUTPUT operator located on the right side of the window. Also, there is an area on the bottom of the window which will display either a graphic representation of the waveform of the patch, or a specific operator’s various input and output parameters. More on this later.

To create a simple JSYD PATCH:

  • Click and drag an OSCILLATOR OPERATOR from the Operator Palette (first operator on the second row) down to the main part of the window.
  • Next, connect the output of the OSCILLATOR operator to the OUTPUT operator by clicking and dragging from the right side of the OSCILLATOR operator to the left side of the OUTPUT operator. Your cursor should change temporarily to a “pen” as you drag on the right side of the OSCILLATOR operator.

Your window should look something like this:

To see the input/output parameters of the OSCILLATOR operator, just select it by clicking on it once.

You could SYNTHESIZE the patch now but the volume of the output would be VERY LOUD.  It would be best to set the output volume of the OSCILLATOR operator to a more conservative AMPLITUDE.  Do this:

  • Select the OSCILLATOR operator by clicking it once. You should see the output parameters of the OSCILLATOR in the area at the bottom of the window and it should look like this:

In future examples, only the parameter area of the window will be shown in order to conserve space:

Change the value in the AMPLITUDE field to .5 (that’s “point” 5 (5/10ths), NOT  5.


Other parameters may not be visible until you resize the parameter field of the window. Click and drag on the DOT with is located in the center of the window just above the parameter filed. Drag it UP to reveal other parameter fields:

The FREQUENCY should remain at 440.

Note the default wave type is SINE.

Click OK to close the edit window.

After the window closes, click on the SYNTHESIZE button at the TOP left of the window (it has a green “S” on it).  This causes JSYD to COMPILE the file and store a digital representation either in MEMORY or write it directly to a file. More on this later.

To hear the sound:

  • Make sure your headphones are plugged in and the volume of the Macintosh computer is adjusted properly.
  • Click the PLAY button at the TOP left of the window. .  If you set all the parameters correctly you should hear a SINE wave at amplitude .5 for 2 seconds.
  • Compare what you hear from the JSYD patch to the sound you should hear when you click the link below:

Click on this link to hear the sound: JSYDSound1.aiff

You can save your patch by choosing “Save As” in the File popup menu in the top left corner of the JSYD window. Save your file in the USERS folder of the computer hard drive. You may not have access privileges to save files in other areas of the computer.