You should already have completed JSYD Tutorial 1 and have that patch open. If you did not complete that tutorial or cannot open the file, you will have to re-do that tutorial. At any rate, you will need to have a completed patch before you can procede with this tutorial.

Once you SYNTHESIZE your JSYD patch, you should be able to view a graphic representation of the waveform at the bottom of the window. To view the waveform:

1. Synthesize the patch by clicking on the SYNTHESIZE button at the top left of the window (it has a green “S”).
2. Click in a blank area of the window (not on an operator). Your window should look like this.

If your graphic area is smaller than the one above, expand it by clicking and dragging on the small button in the center and just above the graphic area.

To ZOOM IN on the waveform graphic, double-click the mouse within the graphic area :

To ZOOM OUT on the waveform graphic, hold down the COMMAND KEY and double-click the mouse within the graphic area .

To hear this sound, click on this link: JSYDSound2.aiff